Recruitment Agencies

There are many UK recruitment agencies which cover just about every possible employment requirement. If you are a specialist in a very select area, like deep sea drilling, you will already know which companies are recruiting and which agencies to place your CV. For the more common type of job, where competition is fierce, the local employment office or Job Centre is the preferred choice. Between these two categories lies the skilled, qualified and professional employee.

Are you ready?

You certainly should consider how others are preparing for their next job. Let’s take a typical applicant, who suddenly finds his or her current employment is about to be terminated, and they need a new job urgently. Well the first comment is, you should already have placed your details with Agencies. The current employment cycle means there is every possibility that you could be affected. Plan now, don’t leave it to the last minute to place your CV details with an Agency.

Employment Research

Assume you are based in Northampton, have a University Degree and have worked for a company for six years. The job market today is tough, and unless you are prepared, and have consider all possibilities, it could be many months before you are again employed. There are many Agencies, when you have found one that provides a job search facility, use this to see what standards are expected, qualifications, locality and salary. You may be lucky to see a job you are qualified for, make an application and are taken on. But for 99% of the people it will be hard work,

Prepare your CV

It does not matter if you are submitting your application to an employment agency or applying for a current position. A CV is necessary for both. Allow plenty of time to prepare and assemble your CV, there are recognised standards, and you will only have one chance when an employer studies your application. More information on CV’s will be in another article.