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Let’s face it, very few people will be head hunted in the current economic climate, so the only method for most people is to visit the Job Centre, Job Center or un-employment office and fill in their details and hope. Nowadays individuals need to be proactive, and organise their employment details into a portfolio of information. This makes it lot easier for a company to view your details online and make a decision. You will already have an advantage by being prepared, most of the competition will not be so prepared. Jobseekers Online offers the following advice.

Create your information pack.

It is the 21st Century and life is digital, so your personal information must also be digital. You need more than an email address, or Twitter account. Facebook is a good place to start, but does have limitations. What is need is a place to store all your information, documents, images, videos in one place, and when it is free, it makes a lot of sense. If you already have a CV or Resume in digital form, great, if not, this has to be the first step. A recommendation is to use Microsoft Office for document creation which is used by most companies. A very good a free alternative is the Apache OpenOffice With OpenOffice your personal details can be saved in a number of formats which will ensure it is viewable by anybody.

Jobseekers Online

Step One. This website was created to help individuals find information and organise themselves for the employment job market. The information is applicable for both the UK and American job market. The first place to start and often the hardest is the CV or Resume, which is required for almost every job application. Listed below are resources to get you started.

There are many more, but these will do for a start. You will be taken through each step, so take your time and make certain you have all the necessary information available. This is why I use the word Prepare often, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Step Two.  Promotion of your Resume or Curriculum Vitae is the next stage. Checking the local job vacancies is normal, but you could be living in an area of high un-employment, or a major company has laid off a lot of staff, so opportunities could be limited. Most people nowadays have an email address, if you don’t, get one right away. I like the free email accounts available from GMail, Hotmail What is undoubtedly better, is your name in the format peter.smith before the @ sign. If you already have a website, this is the best solution for an email address. So now you are ready with an email address and your employment document. What next?

Register with employment Agencies

You will need your email address and CV/Resume for most. Some ask that you complete their online form. Each companies works in it’s own way, you just have to select companies that suit you. Try Bing or Google and search for ” UK employment agency”, “US employment agency”, “US recruitment agency”, “UK recruitment agency” to get local listings. You might consider this before you create a CV as the questions asked might help with your own document.

Additional Steps

It’s a modern world and competition for work is fierce. It is said a picture is work a thousand words, a video must be worth at least 5,000 words. Another article will prepare you for creating a video Resume or CV. This is best saved to the free services from YouTube or Vimeo. So you now have an email address and some documents, the next stage is to place them on a free online storage facility, that lets you use a secret link in your self promotion. I very much like the service offered by DropBox which provides 2Gb of free storage for just about any type of file. Create your folder and add documents, photos, videos, just about any type of file. This is also great to share information with others, family, friends, employment recruiters, it’s up to you. A Step by Step Guide to the practical uses of DropBox is under development. If you need more information about this site, which to contribute or pass comments, please use the link in the menu bar.

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