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Jobseekers Online

Jobseekers Online provides an independent source of ideas and possible solutions for individuals seeking employment. There are many companies involved in the recruitment process, this website offers articles from leading experts, provide links to existing information and add some interesting ideas. The first article is shown on the Menu bar entitled “Preparation” which is designed to provide some ideas to the individual. Additional articles will be added shortly.


Many people are totally unprepared for unemployment. With the current problems in the UK, finding a new position quickly, can be a matter of who you know. You might be one of a number of suitably qualified people, all job hunting at the same time in the same area. There is a short article in the menu bar, that provides a Step by Step guide to help your preparations.

Jobseekers Online OpportunitiesRecruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies are invited to submit articles and guides for publication. This will assist the applicants for employment and help boost your credibility in the market place. A comprehensive employment agency list is being created, which will bring together most recruitment agencies together in one Portal. Employment agencies with published articles will be highlighted in the listings. There is no charge for your listing.

Student Job Seekers

Students and recently qualified Graduates often have a hard time locating suitable employment. Might be worth considering short term employment with a small company.

Students and jobseekers online

Job Applicants

Prepare your CV in advance, and have it checked for details and consistency by somebody working in an HR department if possible. You are only going to get one chance to be considered, so make the most of the opportunity. Another possibility for jobs in your area is on LinkedIn.

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